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The Wren, Dural

Fly in and set up your nest in this cosy café.

Nestled amongst the shops in Dural Mall, is the family friendly café, The Wren. With seats both inside close to the kitchen and counter, and out in the open, The Wren is cosy and tranquil, and packed with good and hearty eats and drinks.


Although small in size, the cafe was buzzing with customers, and as we entered the little cafe, we were warmly greeted by the busy waiting staff who helped us to our order and invited us to take a seat where we pleased.

We took a seat outside in the warm winter sunlight, where not after too long, were served with our drinks, and shortly after, our food.

Food and Drinks

We ordered a few dishes- one being the pancakes with the spiced ricotta that was presented simply with some fruits and a small flower. As I bit into the pancakes, I was thoroughly impressed by its fluffy texture despite being thick and still being perfectly cooked throughout. It had a very simple but pleasant taste and paired well with the spiced ricotta, spiced berries, and lemon-apple syrup. The flavours were not overwhelmingly sweet, but a tartness cut through the berries and added a nice kick. Other dishes we had were the Waffles, the French Toast, and the Vegan Bowl, all of which were filling, yet light, and delicious in flavour, and had us devouring every last bite- and alongside our cappuccino and colourful juices, were full and content with our orders.

Pros and Cons

The food, coffee and juices were both visually pleasing and delicious in taste, and the fact that the cafe is located in the quieter parts of Sydney made the experience all the more peaceful and enjoyable. We also had the opportunity to have a quick chat with some of the staff members as well as Jeanette, who owns and runs The Wren. As a customer, it was really nice to see each and every one of them carrying such positive energy and really allowed us to enjoy our experience there even more.

Overall Experience

The Wren was a truly enjoyable brunch spot for me in all aspects and I understand why the little cafe was buzzing with locals and regulars. I am looking forward to returning and trying out the rest of their dishes and drinks.

Address: Unit 5/22 Kenthurst Rd, Dural NSW, 2158
(02) 8919 4680
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday | 6am-4pm
Saturday | 6:30am-4pm
Sunday | 7:30am-4pm

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