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A ‘Hohl’ foods Experience – Hohl Cafe & Restaurant, Norwest

A ‘Hohl’ foods Experience

Health is an aspect of our lives that we as a modern community can agree is important and can be incorporated more into our everyday lives. Yet, with an increasingly growing ease to the access of food- especially fast food, many individuals and families within our contemporary society have fallen into habits and traps of unregulated, and/or unhealthy eating.

About Hohl

Contrasting against the common social milieus of fast and often unregulated food in today’s society, tucked into the Hills suburb of Norwest, exists a cafe known as ’Hohl’. Focusing on its motto “raw and simple”, Hohl exists to promote eating and living whole through their foods, drinks, and desserts, making all their food from scratch- meaning all their bread, jams, chocolate, sauces and drinks are all made themselves.


We visited Hohl on a sunny afternoon for lunch. Located in a lovely residential area, right beside Strangers Creek, parking and finding the cafe were both simple and easy.
As we arrived through the doors, we were greeted by staff by warm smiles and bright ‘Hello’s, as we were informed that the service of the cafe was self. We took our seats and brought the menus from the register, and after deciding on our choices, went to the register and made our orders.

Food and Drinks

Not too long after making our orders our food came out to us. Here’s what we ordered;

⁃ Pretty Much Breakfast Plate
⁃ Pump Up The Pumpkin
⁃ The Bhohl
⁃ Green Dreams Are Made Of These
⁃ You Braise Me Up

⁃ New Green
⁃ Yonik Smoothie

⁃ Salted Caramel cake
⁃ Date Chocolate Cake

When all our food arrived at our table we dug straight in, and as we ate our food we all agreed that although the food was and tasted healthy, tasted good. Every ingredient that made up our dishes were well cooked, well seasoned and well placed together, and although everything was quite light and clean, turned out to be very filling.

If I were to choose, my favourite dish would have to be the Salted Caramel Cake. The texture of the cake and nuts, and the flavours of the cream and salted caramel blended so well together. I know I’ll be going back for this specific cake.

Pros and Cons

Hohl, although the idea of the café may sound quite expensive, was actually more affordable than most cafes out there. Not only is their food good and healthy, but their portions are filling, yet not oversized. Their staff were also super friendly and helpful, and were happy to answer any questions I directed towards them about their store. Even selling household tools and whole food options to take home at the side of the store, Hohl truly projects their purpose as a whole foods café and experience, and I wouldn’t say that I was particularly disappointed by anything during my trip.

Overall Experience

Hohl was the first café of its kind that I have been to before, and my visit I can say that my expectations were surpassed. When we think about healthy, a lot of the times we think that we compromise flavour and taste, but with my experience at Hohl, I was able to truly feel that health and taste can truly come together hand in hand if we perhaps just open ourselves up a little more to experimenting with the world of wholefoods. I will definitely be going back with others to share and relive the experience.

Address: Shop 100/2 Natura Rise, Norwest NSW 2153

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