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Frankie’s Food Factory, Glenhaven

Frankie’s Food Factory

An oasis, tucked inside the flower power store in Glenhaven, Frankie’s Food Factory is a cafe unique in its designs and facilities.

We had expected Frankie’s Food Factory to, like most other cafes, has its own store/location with no idea that it would be located inside the Flower Power store. Despite this, Frankie’s was super easy to find and enter, and upon our entrance, we were surprised with a store layout that gives Frankie’s its unique vibe and atmosphere.

Service and Atmosphere

As we entered the cafe, we were greeted by a staff member who politely informed us to take a seat wherever we liked. We took a seat in the outer area where the sunlight naturally lit the room, and the sound of the fountain in the middle of the pond just outside peacefully filled the background. We were given our menus and table water, and upon choosing our options, raised a hand to a wait staff who kindly took our orders.

What was quite interesting about Frankie’s was the level of child friendliness the cafe was. With a large sheet of paper was set out and a collection of crayons on each ad every table, Frankie’s offers a space for children (and all other customers) to let loose of their creativity, blended well with the cafe’s home garden and peaceful atmosphere. In the corner of the store, you’ll see a large playground for children to play and enjoy their own time. Another interesting activity provided at the cafe is duck feeding at the pond, with its own little stall dedicated to it located in the middle of the cafe.

Food and Drinks

Our drinks were brought out to us first in their beautiful cups. We ordered a Pink Lady, and a Long Black (I had specifically asked not to provide a straw as I had taken my own which is why the straw in the picture is metal). The Pink Lady was super fresh and light, but not overly watered down, and the long black was your classic long black.

Not too long after our drinks, our food out looking fresh and appealing with colour and freshness. We ordered the Chicken Burger and Frankie’s Fresh Pasta. Both were amazing in size and in taste and we finished both down to the last bite feeling very filled by the end.

Frankie’s prices are in the medium price range. For the quality of the food, the taste, and the experience at Frankie’s, I would definitely say that the prices were worth it.

Pros and Cons

There are definitely a lot of pros to Frankie’d Food Factory, but I think the most important thing to state about this cafe is the idea of it. The cafe with all its facilities and provisions to its customers makes the store such an ideal family’s, couple’s, and friend’s location. Whoever you go with, you know that they’ll enjoy it, and I think this is what makes Frankie’s so unique.

If I HAD to name a con, I think it would be for some people, the store’s location in quite a non-urban place. However, I think this is actually the beauty of Frankie’s, as the remote neighbourhood of the cafe is what also allows the cafe to carry out its ideal peaceful and natural vibe and atmosphere.

Overall Experience

Almost like a Hills version of The Ground of Alexandria, with its oasis like atmosphere and location to its child-friendly provisions and activities, and of course the great tasting and looking food and drinks, my visit to Frankie’s Food Factory was actually an extremely memorable experience and is store that I know I would definitely visit again.

Address: 609 Old Northern Rd, Glenhaven NSW 2156

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