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The Hills Central- Castle Towers, Castle Hill

With all the shops you’ll need and want inviting visitors coming from all around Sydney, Castle Towers is the central heart of the Hills community.

From Beginning to Today
Opening in 1979, Castle Towers began as a small centre that brought the everyday big stores such as Kmart and Coles into the Hills. Today, the store has expanded to a three story shopping centre, covering 112,000 square metres of stores, restaurants and servicing businesses, making it one of Australia’s largest shopping centres. It is home to stores that exist in limited numbers across Sydney such as the Apple store, Champion speciality store, Universal Store, and many more, making the centre all the more inviting, and even has direct access to the popular Castle Hills Metro Station to make it easy for visitors to access by both public transport and car.

The Towers has proven itself promising as a successful shopping centre with constant redevelopment and renovations being introduced to expand as well as maintain the centre. As you walk around the centre, you’ll notice areas that have been kept to show the history of the centre’s origins, renewed to fit the centre’s image today.

If you’re at Castle Towers, you won’t have to worry about what to eat. With food stores, restaurants and cafes scattered throughout the centre and 2 main food areas, you’ll find that anything you desire will be found.

On the day of our visit, we went to the Piazza- the outdoor food area of the centre that is home to Crinitis, Guzman Y Gomez, PappaRich, Taste of Shanghai, The Bavarian, and other familiar names.

We went to Betty’s Burgers where we ordered a Shroom Burger, a Betty’s Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken, Onion Rings, French Fries, and a Strawberry Thick Shake. After ordering our food at the counter, we received a buzzer that went off when our food was ready to pick up from the kitchen bench.

The Shroom Burger was easily my favourite from our order, as well as from all the passed mushroom burgers I have had. The patty was so well made, being both juicy and rich in umami. The Thick Shake, Fries, and Onion Rings were also quite good, especially when considering that the price was quite low. The salad wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special either- it is encouraged to get a burger at a burger joint for a reason.

Pros and Cons
There aren’t necessarily any major Cons to Castle Towers. It being the heart of the Hills district, I believe that the centre is more than a simple shopping centre, but a place of community and a symbol of the Hills district’s growth. With easy access being made through the making of the Castle Hills Metro, and developments being made to constantly bring in new stores, we can really see just how much the Hills promises, and how much this shopping centre promises the Hills.

Overall Experience
For the Hills being a part of Sydney that is quite newly developed and is still continuing to grow, Castle Towers offers more than what is simply needed within the community. With all the stores and restaurants you would expect to find within a CBD, as well as easy access to public transport and parking, Castle Towers is truly the heart of the Hills community, and it is somewhere I know I will be visiting for the rest of my life.

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Address: 6-14 Castle St, Castle Hill NSW 2154

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