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Castle Hill Heritage Park, Castle Hill

A park full of history in Castle Hill.

Castle Hill Heritage Park is secluded and hidden amongst the houses despite its vast grassy grounds and hills. It may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a family outing, but the locals are definitely making the most of the children’s playground, picnic tables and barbeques, and long scenic walks that both dogs and their owners would enjoy. As it is not as publicly known as other parks and has spacious grassy fields, it is easy to find a quiet spot if you want to stay away from the families gathered around the playground and barbeques. Climbing up the hill towards the lookout point rewards you with a majestic view of the park, the trees, and if you’re there at the right time, a splendid sunset.


The park is not only beautiful, but it is also rich in history. As you saunter through the paths, there are signs available that provide detailed insights into the history of Castle Hill and the park. It would be worth spending a morning walking around and searching for these nuggets of history.

Originally the land of the Darug people, Castle Hill has since then developed and changed throughout the times. The land originated as a convict settlement as the Castle Hill Government Farm in 1801 where the Castle Hill Rebellion, led by Philip Cunningham, erupted on the 4th of March 1804, and ended with the Battle of Vinegar Hill leaving a number dead and others wounded.

During the years 1811 to 1826, a lunatic asylum was established and was eventually replaced by a school and a church. From the 1870s to 1960, the land was used as orchards and farms. Today, the park includes the endangered Blue Gum High Forest.


There is convenient parking available at the end of Heritage Park Drive and is located right next to the playground. The park was refurbished in 2004 and its 20 hectares is highly maintained and kept very clean with bins and doggy bags available for walkers. There are picnic tables and benches, clean barbeques, a playground with different types of swings, a flying fox, and even a water pump feature that allows children to play engage in water play.

There are also public toilets with disabled and unisex toilets available. However, there is no soap provided so I would recommend bringing your own or using hand sanitiser. Most of the park is wheelchair accessible so everyone can enjoy the park.

Overall Experience

This park is a treasure that should be remembered for future events be it dates, barbeques, or solitary walks amongst nature. It has something for everyone: history lovers, families, children, dog lovers, and people who want some time away from the hustle and bustle of their working life. If you haven’t visited, put it on your list immediately and plan at least half a day if not a whole day to spend there. It would be great to see not only locals but visitors to Castle Hill enjoying and supporting this beautiful park.

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Address: Heritage Park Drive, Castle Hill NSW, 2154
Phone: 1300 426 654
Gates Locked At:
October-March | 9pm
April-September | 7pm

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