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Belinda Nadwie, Abstract painter & artist

On a beautiful sunny weekend in the last few days of winter in the Hills, we were given the opportunity to meet Belinda Nadwie, a talented local artist and painter, a wife, and a mother of three gorgeous children. Born and raised at Sorento Beach, Mornington Peninsula, Belinda began her artistic journey at the age of 5, and her artistic sense was strongly influenced by Australia’s nature. Today, her studio and home is located in the upper side of Hills, where you can see the kids playing in the treehouse and the beautiful sunset, helping her peaceful insight and creativity. Through her colourful paintings, we were not only able to see her personal expressions, but also her lovely character and vibrant energy. She lives in the upper side of Hills which helps her peaceful insight and creativity.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Firstly I’m a mum to three amazing kids with a really fun husband. Being positive and grateful is fundamental for my life and I am one of those people who literally bounce out of bed. I am an Earth lover and try to live with less impact daily. I also love animals and although we do not yet have a dog, we have chickens and bees, yep honey and eggs!

2. Tell us about your family?
I am lucky to have wonderfully supportive parents and in-laws. I have three brothers who I adore and an absolutely massive extended family.

3. Can you tell us about the lifestyle where you live in?
We choose Galston for its semi rural lifestyle. It is a great place to raise kids with so many likeminded families surrounding us we have such a great community.

4. Where do you get your artistic inspiration?
Inspiration comes from my intuition, and when I am totally free and let go, that’s when I usually see the best paintings. My inspiration also comes from a greater good, an appreciation of my life and family and where I am at this moment.

5. What’s your normal day like?
BUSY! It starts with breakfast and getting kids ready for school. Then to the gym, then a change of clothes and into the studio I go until it’s time for the kids to come home. I cook, and then I am doing computer work until bed, when the kids read to us and then we get a tiny bit of down time.

6. Do you have your favourite local cafe or restaurant?
We are fans of Cafe Sasanqua and The Local Collective, of course Wild Pear too. My favourite restaurant it Le Gemelli Italian at Dural OMG!

7. Do you have any favourite place in the Hills? and why?
Yes, Fagan park is such an amazing gift given to the community by the Fagan family. If you haven’t been, you should go, it is glorious.

8. What do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time?
Professionally I would like to exhibit my artwork globally and continue to paint and bring happiness into people’s homes. We don’t have any plans to leave the Hills area so I hope we are still here amongst our family and friends.

9. What’s your vision or dream?
I hope I can raise my children to become wonderful adults who care for others and can be happy and grateful. Plus I hope I can keep painting for the rest of my life and bringing joy to others.

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