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Bella Vista Hotel & Bella Garden, Bella Vista

Bella Hotel’s Daytime Sister- Bella Garden

From celebratory gatherings to casual brunches- special occasions to a simple kick back drink with friends, the Bella Hotel’s new ‘Bella Garden’ is the place to go. With a simple but freshly designed outdoor bar and dining area, you are sure to be reminded of a summer beach house- even in the winter.

Located on Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, the Bella Hotel’s kitchen is home to all sorts of great dishes, and to add to it, the Hotel has opened up a new outdoors area right outside the Hotel called the ‘Bella Garden’- introduced as The Bella Hotel’s ‘Daytime Sister’. Open every Friday from 4pm to ‘late’ as well as every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to ‘late’, the Garden is made up of a beach-house-like bar offering ‘garden inspired cocktails’, outdoor dining under the warm afternoon sun with garden inspired artistic decoration, a recreational area with pool, billiards, and foosball tables and table tennis, as well as a bed of fresh green plants that line the outside section of the Garden, giving the Garden with its relaxing atmosphere- a great for the whole family (including the dog) or even just to chill with friends.

I visited the Bella Hotel on a Saturday for a late brunch. I had booked  a table and meals for 2 through the hotel’s website the night before as I wanted to avoid any delays that could have come our way- including a little side note for a table in the Garden. Upon our arrival, I let the staff at the register in front of the kitchen know about our table and pre-ordered meals, and they allowed us to choose a table in our liking whilst also giving us a buzzer for when our food would be ready. The food is normally prepared for self pick up from beside the kitchen, but the staff had kindly brought our meals out to us- a big plus for the extra service.


We ordered a Chicken Schnitzel and Deconstructed Tacos, as well as lemon lime bitters from the garden (not pre ordered).
We thoroughly enjoyed the Deconstructed Tacos- both the putting together and eating, but the Chicken Schnitzel, although great in proportion, was a little bland.


Throughout our meal, the bright sounds of families and friends catching up and celebrating, blending in smoothly with the Garden’s summer beach house aesthetics, and well as the playing of 90s pop music in the background, truly painted a genuine Australian Saturday afternoon vibe.

Pros and Cons

The Bella Garden is a truly beautiful place- with white and cream tones against aqua blue hues, it would be a great place for celebratory events and occasions- even for a simple meal and catch up drink with friends. However, as the location is outdoors, with groups of people and music in the background, for those of you quite cafe lovers and introverts, it may be a little overwhelming. Nevertheless, still a great place to visit every once in a while, and definitely a step up from your average local pub.

Overall Experience

Overall, I enjoyed by time at the Bella Gardens. It was a nice contrast to your usual pub- bright exteriors, lively music, and the light-hearted bustling of families and friends. I quite enjoyed my meal, although next time, I would like to try the Garden’s options of a Cocktail Bottomless Brunch or even High Tea.

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Address: 13-15 Lexington Dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153
Business Hours
Sunday to Friday: 10am – 3am
Saturday: 10am – 12am

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