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The Bakehouse, North Kellyville

Situated in the village square of North Kellyville, The Bakehouse is opened 7 days a week providing everyone with freshly baked goods, all day breakfast, lunch and Campos coffee. The Bakehouse has been opened for just over a year and has already won the 2018 Sydney Hills Local Business Award for best bakery/cake store. There is ample parking just outside the cafe as well as underground parking within the small shopping center with toilets near the underground parking walkway. The Bakehouse provides bread, sweet pastries, cakes, pies sandwiches, and burgers. They also have an all-day breakfast menu available between 6:30-2:45pm as well as lunch and a little kid’s menu. If you have a sweet tooth, they have 3 different types of sweet shakes for you to try with all the other yummy baked goods. They make everything by hand daily and if you are ever in need of custom cakes for special occasions, The Bakehouse has your back which you can either order online or visit them to get ideas from their friendly staff. The Bakehouse is already set for your Christmas needs with fruit mince tarts, puddings and gingerbread man cookies. As it’s within a small shopping center with a large supermarket you could either drop in before or after your grocery shopping.

As we were hungry, we ordered the Truffle and Cheese Omlette, Ricotta Hotcake, Fruit Mince Tarte, Snicker Eclair (YES! Snickers), a long black and earl grey tea. As the ricotta hotcakes are made to order they take around 15 minutes to make. While waiting we ate the eclair and the fruit mince tarte. Both weren’t overly sweet which was good as we were still waiting for our main food. They were both fresh and enjoyable. The omlette, which came as an open omlette is a must try and the hotcakes were to die for. Having a sweet and savory brunch was a definite match. If you are thinking of having a savory brunch, I would recommend the omlette as with two pieces of toast will fill you up heartily.

Pros and Cons
The cafe has a variety of yummy goodies for you to try with seatings inside and out so you have a choice where to sit with plenty of parking available. With a lot of variety of food to choose from if you’re in a hurry you could grab something yummy to take. However, with not much seating inside when it’s raining or cold, there will be limited amount of table space. Though in the summer you can sit outside in the warmth. There is no table service ordering so you need to choose and order at the register and from around 11am there are plenty of people coming in so be early if you want to eat-in.

Overall Experience
The bakery/cafe isn’t overly huge but provides a friendly environment where you would like to be able to sit with a friend, book or family for a quiet afternoon brunch or lunch. The friendly service and food were great and fully enjoyable that you’d want to go back for more.

Address: 12/14 Withers Road, Kellyville NSW 2155
Phone: (02) 8882 9332
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday | 6am-6pm
Saturday- Sunday | 6am-5pm

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