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Cafe El’s, Winston Hills

Start your day with a local favourite

Located on the outside corner of Winston Hills Mall is a bustling café. On Sunday morning there was a line for tables and my friend and I had to wait until a server noticed us and then some more as they looked for a table for us. We were surprised at how much space there was for seating as the café extended past the main area to a corridor, lined with tables, which led to an outdoor area with more tables. There were many servers walking around taking orders, cleaning up, and seating new customers.

The owner, Josh El-Bayeh, also owns Winston Hills’ famous burger shop El Burger situated in the same mall.


We were given menus and looked through eagerly. It took a while for our order to be taken. As we were seated in the corridor where there was less traffic and out of sight from the main area we had to wait to catch a server’s eye. While there were the classic breakfast options there were more Middle Eastern inspired dishes available which we decided to sample. I ordered the lamb bowl from the specials menu and my friend ordered the shakshuka. The food came out quickly and looked stunning.

However, we were disappointed with the flavours as both dishes were bland. While the lamb was tender, and all the components worked together, after the first few bites I needed some more salt and some different flavours to lift the palate of the dish. My friend’s shakshuka was also bland and she also needed to season it with more salt. Although the dishes were subpar, the breads served with our food were amazing. My friend’s flatbread and my sourdough were flavourful and the perfect textures.

Looking around, all the other customers seemed to be enjoying their classic breakfast meals such as the Breaky Burger or Big Breaky.

Pros and Cons

The café is spacious, and the staff are friendly although a tad difficult to flag down if you’re not sitting in the main area. The menu has many options but not too many to confuse you and you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.

General Overview

It’s great to have a café like Café El’s in Winston Hills and from looking at reviews, many people seemed to enjoy their food. Perhaps it was just our experience or the dishes we chose weren’t the most flavoursome but don’t write it off as an option for your next brunch date! Check it out for yourself and it just might become a favourite of yours as well.

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Elbayeh family serves up fresh cuisine at Café El’s in Winston Hills

Address: 64/180 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW, 2153

Phone: (02) 9624 7595

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday | 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday | 7am-3pm


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