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Quoi Dining, Baulkham Hills

Australian meets French cuisine in the Hills.

Quoi Dining is a French fine dining restaurant tucked around the corner of office buildings facing the calm Norwest Lake, Bella Vista/ Baulkham Hills. The small restaurant is located a few meters from Norwest Marketown and is hidden at the end of a beautiful walk around the lake. This restaurant which opened only a year ago presents to the Hills district a fine dining experience rarely found outside the CBD.


As we walked into the restaurant, the soft lighting and subtle buzz from other customers created a warm haven. The friendly staff welcomed us a soon as we got to the door and we were seated right by the semi-exposed kitchen. Because we were so close to the kitchen, we thought our conversation would be overwhelmed by the noise but we were pleasantly surprised by the acoustics of the small restaurant. I could hear both my friend seated on the other side of the table and the calming jazz music playing through the speakers.


We started off our fine dining experience with French onion soup and bread which was sweeter than we expected. My friend and I ordered and shared the perfectly seared black Angus striploin with truffle fries from the main menu and the coq au vin with pomme puree from the lunch specials. After taking the first bites of each dish, we agreed that the food was fantastic.

For dessert, we had the strawberry white chocolate and coconut ice cream which looked stunning but I couldn’t actually taste the coconut which was a bit disappointing. Contrary to the menu found online, Quoi Dining had changed their lunch special course meals to a small selection of entrees, mains and desserts which comes with a glass of house wine.

Pros & Cons

The service was very welcoming and attentive to their customers, serving and clearing without us having to ask for anything. The food was amazing and the prices on the lunch menu made it an affordable fine dining experience. The atmosphere was serene and despite being amidst concrete office buildings and other busy restaurants, Quoi dining was a sanctuary looking over a lake.

However, it was a struggle to find the entrance as there were no signs. There are two ways to access the restaurant: past and under a beautiful view of the lake or down from the office buildings. The toilets were located outside the restaurant up a flight of stairs so it is slightly inconvenient.

Overall Experience

At the end of our fine dining experience, both of us agreed that we must try the Tasting Menu the next time we visit Quoi Dining. The small selection of dishes we tried was so good we wanted to know what other flavours this restaurant had to offer! It was a real treat for us to visit this restaurant and experience top-notch service and food. This experience was worth every dollar considering the great food and atmosphere, and I recommend taking advantage of their lunch specials.

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Address: 6/8 Century Circuit, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Phone: (02) 9899 3554
Opening Hours:
Sunday-Monday | Closed
Tuesday-Friday | 9:30am-10:30pm
Saturday | 6am-10:30pm

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