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El Burger, Winston Hills

Come and eat an ‘el of a burger.

Situated in the corner of Winston Hills Mall food court, El Burger was one of the few places still open and busy with customers waiting. Owner Josh El-Bayeh, who also owns Café El’s in the same mall, said that his burger shop’s popularity blew up after promoting their burgers and specials deals on the Facebook group, The Fatties Burgers Appreciation Society. Although the hype surrounding the group has died down, El Burger still offers special deals to members of the group. For non-members, El Burger has other deals such as $5 burgers from Monday to Wednesday, 10:30am-11:30am.


I walked in thinking I was the only customer, but it turned out there was a line of people waiting outside for their takeaway orders. The server recommended I try the El Cheesy and I opted for sweet potato fries in my meal. The food came out within 10 minutes, but my anticipation made it feel closer to 20.

The El Cheesy was a classic cheeseburger with a juicy meat patty, crunchy pickles, and a generous amount of cheese and sauces. I thoroughly enjoyed and savoured my burger with no complaints. It was the perfect size for me but those who have a bigger appetite may need to add-on ingredients or look to a different burger. Their social media pages showcase burgers with plenty of meat and other fillings to satisfy a burger fanatic.

The star of my meal, however, would have to be the sweet potato fries. These were thick cut, crunchy on the outside but still soft on the inside. They weren’t soaked in oil or floppy but simply perfect. After being disappointed by so many places, I’m glad to have found a place that can satisfy my cravings for sweet potato fries.

Pros and Cons

The burger shop is easily accessible in the food court with parking available in the carpark. They also stay open for longer than the other shops and takeaway stores so there’s no need to rush (the mall closes at 5:30pm on weekdays). There are also deals for families, students, and kids to help you with your budget. You can also opt for gluten free for a dollar extra.

The only downside, if it is even a downside, would be that the options and add-ons may be a bit confusing but the staff are happy to help you out.

General Overview

El Burger is a gem of Winston Hills and its great to have fresh, affordable, and delicious burgers in the neighbourhood. The owner is friendly and passionate about both his burger shop and his café, Café Els and serves with a big smile on his face.

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Address: Shop 32, 180-190 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153

Phone: (02) 9838 8697

Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday | 10am-6pm
Thursday | 10am-9pm
Friday | 10am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday | 10am-5pm


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