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The Ettamogah, Kellyville Ridge

Come down to Ettamogah: a place of good drink

Historically famous for being a tourist attraction throughout Australia (Albury, Kellyville, Caloundra, and Cunderdin) it was originally created as a cartoon image by Ken Maynard. Although the original pub in Albury is no longer running, Sydney can enjoy their own novelty themed pub in Kellyville. It is fun for the whole family with attractions such as bouncy castles and a rock-climbing wall for the kids and even pensioner deals for the older folk.


I ordered a steak from the lunch specials but was dismayed to find after purchasing, that my pepper sauce cost $3 extra and that the bread the server offered me (“Would you like garlic, cheesy, or herb bread?”) cost $6.50 extra. As she did not mention that the bread was an extra side, I assumed that it was included in the meal and I was too careless to realise until after the transaction.

The steak was slightly more medium than medium-rare, and it didn’t taste seasoned, but it was tender enough. However, my pepper sauce was salty, and I used the sauce to give the steak some flavour. The chips were of standard quality and there was a generous amount alongside a nice salad to lighten the meal.

The herb bread that I accidentally ordered was nicely toasted with a satisfying crunch and flavour. For the three pieces of bread I thought it was acceptable to charge $6.50 but I would have probably shared it with another friend.


The pub’s drawing quality would be the fun and quirky aesthetics with cartoon statues and figures scattered throughout the pub. There are figures on the roof, hanging from the ceiling, and decorating the walls.

Children and adults will kid-hearts will love the play options Ettamogah Pub has to offer. There are two different types of bouncing castles, a mini merry-go-round, a rock-climbing wall, first-person shooter arcade games and racing car arcade games.

As I was there on a weekday there were not too many people and the groups that were dining were spread out throughout the expansive seating options inside and outside. A couple tried their hand at the zombie shooting game while a small girl excitedly climbed onto the merry-go-round.

Pros and Cons

Being a tourist attraction, Ettamogah Pub pulled all the stops in drawing in and keeping customers happy. The lunch and pensioner specials provide a great option for people who are looking for a bargain meal and it is a great place to take your friends and family. There is plenty of parking, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot for the weekend!

Finding the entrance was a bit tricky as there was an event being held in their function room with people walking in and out. It took me a while to realise I should just walk through the doors under the “Sports Bar” sign. Keep an eye out on what you’re paying for as you may make the same mistake as I did! The food was average for its price and not what I would travel for.

Overall Experience

I had a fun time exploring all the different features of Ettamogah Pub and would love to come back with my cousins and nephews. Although the food was mediocre, the fun attractions make the visit worthwhile! There are lots of events and deals, such as live music and special meal prices, happening throughout the week and so I recommend checking out their website or Facebook page!

Address: Cnr Merriville and Windsor Rds, Kellyville Ridge NSW, 2155
Phone: (02) 9629 1130
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday | 10am-1am
Saturday | 8am-1am
Sunday | 8am-10pm

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