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Wolfe & Co, Dural

A cafe to feed those hungry like the Wolfe. 

Dural is a semi-rural suburb 10 minutes from Castle Hill, consisting of orchards and hobby farms. There is an abundance of trees and driving through the suburb will unwind and relax a busy mind. Beautiful areas such as Fagan Park and Golden Ridge Animal Farm also makes it friendly for families with children to play at, perhaps after a delicious brunch at the local cafes and restaurants. After a beautiful drive through Dural, we parked down the road from Wolfe and Co.; although it was closer than parking at the Woolworths parking lot, it was only for one hour and a tad difficult to park on the busy road.

The café itself seemed enveloped in a forest, little trees decorating the outer walls. Upon passing through the entranceway, there is an open area, covered from the elements with a beautifully lit ceiling, reminiscent of a starry night sky. The outside wall of the café is tiled green to fit the forest theme and matches the fauna scattered around tables for two, four, and big groups. The inner seating area is cosy and welcoming with the bright lighting, flowers, and neutral colours.


Everyone on the floor worked with a smile and a genuine personality and the team worked efficiently, going out to greet new customers and seating them or quickly clearing and wiping down tables. Upon sitting down, we were asked if we wanted to order coffee to which I replied that we would order coffee with our food. Within one minute, another server asked us the same question, and shortly after, a different server approached us as well: you have to commend their enthusiasm. After the meal, we asked for the bill and we were able to pay by card at the table which was very convenient.

We ordered the avocado on toast, their signature Wolfe burger, and their Apple Tarte Tatin. The food came out quickly and beautifully presented; my avocado dish was decorated with edible flowers and vegetables. The sourdough was perfect, and the toppings were delicious with the avocado. The avocado was seasoned with lemon and salt; however, it was slightly too salty for my own liking.

The burger was flavourful and fresh, a very satisfying dish for someone who wants to chomp down into something meaty. The chips were also perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned with salt.

The Apple Tarte Tatin came shortly after, as I had asked for it to come with the food instead of after, everything was neatly stacked together with a scoop of apple pie ice cream on top. It was a sight to get excited over – a modern twist on the classic French dessert. There was crunchy caramel, a warm cake, beautifully layered caramelised apple slices, and the apple pie ice cream seemed to tie the whole dessert together.

Pros and Cons

Wolfe and Co. is a gem within the suburb of Dural: the service is excellent and the food is fresh and of high quality. While the prices are slightly higher than average, understanding their philosophy of using fresh, local ingredients and after experiencing such great service I would say it is worth the cost.

Overall Experience

We had a great brunch at Wolfe and Co., having received great service and delicious, fresh food. I am keen to go back and try some more of the dishes. The café is also children friendly with a good range on the kid’s menu that expands from the traditional nuggets and chips. It’s great to have a café like the Wolfe and Co. in the neighbourhood.

Wolfe and Co. has a brother restaurant by the same owners called Cod’s Gift – a fine dining seafood restaurant located down the road. Despite being owned by the same people, the atmosphere and experience are different but both are focused on great service and delicious food.

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Dural is fast becoming foodie heaven

Address: 538 Old Northern Rd, Dural, NSW
Phone: 02 9651 4553
Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday | 6am-4pm
Saturday | 7am-3pm
Sunday | 8am-3pm

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